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Why renting heat pumps is worthwhile

Author: Vincenzo Greco Manuli

Is using a heat pump convenient?” This is the question we ask ourselves when we need to heat up the rooms of our home or company, particularly when we are considering temporary heating systems.

Energy efficiency of heat pumps

Of course, the answer is YES, it is worthwhile. Using a heat pump is convenient because for every 1KWh input, 3 to 5KWh of heat are produced, with an efficiency between 300% and 500%. The working of a heat pump is relatively simple: it is a refrigerating device that absorbs heat from a cold space and releases it into a warmer space thanks to the refrigerating cycle.

It is a device that has certain limits, for instance it can only heat up to a certain temperature (45°C-50°C max.), and it requires an external temperature above 0°C.

Renting a heat pump: money-saving guaranteed

The heating efficiency of a heat pump is so high that it offers interesting opportunities for the renting sector operators, who were used to renting more simple diesel-fuelled or electrical devices. Choosing to rent a heat pump will allow you to save up to 30% compared to a natural-gas boiler, 60% compared to a diesel-fuelled boiler and 60-70% compared to an electrical boiler. It will be easy to pay off for the transportation and installation costs thanks to the significant energy saving allowed by a heat pump.

Is it always convenient to rend a heat pump?

pompa di caloreOf course, there are times when choosing a heat pump system would not be the best option. For instance, if a temporary project is particularly short (10-15 days) the energy saving may not pay off the costs. In addition to that, installation costs may be too significant for short-term projects, especially when installation requires important restructuring of the system.

Using a heat pump would not be ideal when the final heating temperature required is above 50°C either.

Finally, a heat pump’s performance decreases as external temperature increases, and it is not possible to use it when external temperature is below 2-3°C and with high relative humidity: in such cases, it is always best to consider using also a small traditional boiler.

When should you choose a heat pump system?

  1. EVENTS: when hosting events, people usually choose diesel-fuelled boilers. However, choosing to utilize a heat pump instead, would ensure at least 50%-60% of saving! Of course, as explained earlier, the events should be long enough to pay off the initial costs. Which is then the most convenient option? The answer is to combine a heat pump and electricity by renting a generator that supplies power to the heat pump and maximizes its efficiency (make sure to rent regularly licensed generators). In addition to that, you won’t need to rely on a double supply of power.
  2. CIVIL AND INDUSTRIAL USE: an air-water heat pump is reversible and can therefore easily produce both cold and hot water according to the need.
  3. COGENERATION SYSTEM: a co-generator can supply power to the heat pump while at the same time recover heat. Such a system is extremely efficient and has the potential to work at any plant and at any temperature.

Finally, let us not forget that…

Heat pump systems are good for the environment

Using a combination of electrical power and energy coming from the outer environment, your heat pump won’t produce exhaust gas and will keep CO2 emissions very low.

Energy Issues

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