Advanced reporting services of electricity off-takes


Advanced reporting services of electricity off-takes are systems intended to streamline the monitoring activities of energy managers or of those in charge of monitoring energy consumption in the organization. They are also ready-made tools that support decision—making activities of the company. Thanks to advanced reporting services of electricity off-takes, the energy manager has a set of data at his disposal that have already been conveniently summarized, which helps him to evaluate both the activities that need to be carried out internally on the plants and the initiatives he should suggest to the management.

Advanced reporting services of electricity off-takes: benefits

As the number of data monitored onsite increases, plant consumption and performance analysis becomes more and more time consuming, and clashes with the numerous activities energy managers need to carry out daily. An automated system comes in handy then that regularly supplies essential information on the energy data of the plant. This is particularly true in the service industry, where a greater effort must be made because of the high number of sites to monitor, rather than the complexity of monitored systems.

The additional benefit that advanced reporting services offer is the possibility to optimize the resources used to monitor a plant’s performance and consumption reporting; these services turn out to be notably cheaper than employing or appointing a dedicated resource in the team that manages and maintains the plants.

It is possible to choose among different types of advanced reporting tools. Basic ones are useful to keep track of consumptions and provide billing data; while more complex tools work as alert systems and allow the manager to identify glitches in (almost) real time, by comparing the actual trend of consumption to predefined or dynamic consumption profiles (particularly useful when power load changes seasonally).

Advanced reporting services are also available on the market that can be adapted and personalized based on specific needs. They allow the manager to monitor energy efficiency, by checking utilities’ trends of consumption and identifying deviations from optimal profiles. Such advanced reporting services are supplied with the support of a consultant, who can identify deviations, study their causes and effects, and suggest ad hoc solutions.

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